Meeting Epiphany

New to the world of blogging, I am very excited about sharing my thoughts and writing with everyone. Writing has been my passion since I was a small child, so getting a chance to now exercise my dream is like a breath of fresh air. 

Thank you in advance to all of you who take time out of your lives to follow my thoughts and writing that I share🌹


Wishful Wishes

Growing up, I always wished for a sibling. After so long of not having another half to talk to, confide in , laugh with, share clothes, and have those ever so dreadful sibling arguments with, I soon let the idea of having a sibling pass me by.

As I’ve gotten older, the feelings of not having a sibling are starting to way heavily on my heart again.

Wishing I had someone who was a part of me that could totally relate. Knowing our conversations would be ended with a feeling of fulfillment.

Having someone to go to in times of feeling lonely. Not being ridiculed, belittled by name calling, but having that one person, here on earth that could relate to and be there for me when it seems like there is no one. That one or more persons that would actually be affected by the hurts that I face. Not just giving the pat on the head of everything will be okay and go about their day.

One day, I will realize my one person journey. I think I have part of it figured out, but there’s still one very important missing piece that I can not put into the equation of “why”.

Oh well, wishful wishes………

Epiphany’s Growth Process – 4/23/2017

My enthusiasm is setting a positive platform for my dreams & success. Through life’s ups and downs, through periods of feeling I am standing alone, through the continued physical pain my body refuses to let go of, I still cannot quit. I sometimes stall because of circumstances, but I cannot quit. I WILL NOT quit. 

Epiphany’s Growth Process

  • Epiphany’s Growth Process’ is a self journal of me that I am starting.. A part of myself that I will publicly be sharing with my followers. A part of my growth, NOT CHANGING, process.
  1. Constructive criticism is always welcomed. I feel that it is done from the heart and with the intent of creating positive vibes, which will provide helpful tools to create a platform for future ideas.
  2. On the other hand, nasty, derogatory, spiteful criticism will be acknowledged, because everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but will not be accepted nor tolerated. These feelings are from one’s place of self non acceptance, unhappines, and misery within themselves. This is what I consider negativity and does not reflect positive vibes. I don’t….No, I WILL NOT accept thoughts of such kind. My growth won’t allow it.




A Kept Mind 

My story is fierce



Fiction yet non-fiction

Ready to leave from my keyboard to your mind

Hmmm, yes, it’s time…..Last manuscript of the year; 2018 everything starts anew




#IAlwaysHave / #TakingIt & OwningMyStrength


A Beautiful View

When I see the reflection of me I smile.

Not because I’ve applied my makeup to perfection or because that one strand of hair is just right. 

It’s because my soul is at peace. 

Realizing no one person can change the world..we can’t change people.

Each individual is responsible for their own actions of respect, loyalty, dignity, trustworthiness.

I’ve taken my responsibility..so I smile.

#APeacefulSoul ➡ #APeacefulHeartandSpirit


How Can Equals Judge Each Other?

We’ve got to do better. No matter how high you’ve climbed to get to a prestigious place in your life, never forget it’s not where you started. There was struggle, hardships, and times you may have felt the weight of the world on your shoulders. Just because you’ve battled that war and won, don’t forget YOU were once there. It takes some people longer to reach their destination of success and stability. Instead of judging or ridiculing their path, help them along the way. It doesn’t have to be  of monetary value. A simple word of advice could help pave their way.